NID Card Online Copy 2024 [Download Link]-

Nid Online Copy 2024 Download PDF: Bangladesh Nirbachan Commission National Identity Copy has been uploaded from official – Download nid card from an online process.

Bangladesh Electrician Commission is published through an online system for downloading the National Identity Card (Digital ID Card). This system aims to assist new voters as well as individuals who have lost their NID or need to make corrections.

who have a new voter or lost and correction application, they can download the national identity card /digital id card from an online system. The authorities have launched an online system to alleviate the suffering of people and make accessible citizen services.

In this page, detailed information is explained: how to download the national identity card, registration and login process, correction and lost nid card download procedure. Following instruction, hopefully you can know proper knowledge.

NID Online Copy 2024

Bangladesh citizens’ national id cards are an essential part. Currently, the role of the National Identity Center is immense for organizing various activities. Whatever, you are able to download the voter identity card from mobile, pc or other electronic devices.

If you want to avail the online facility of National Identity Card then you must register. We here learn all procedures. Bangladesh Election Commission online service activities will fully start from 2019 because of coronavirus still to now.

Every year a large amount of the population is targeted for civic benefits as new voters. It takes a long time to get your smart card. Therefore, the authorities have opened online for everyone, the process of withdrawing National Identity cards.

How To Download “NID Card Online Copy”

A national ID card is an official document issued by a government that serves as a means of identification for its citizens or residents. It typically contains personal information such as the individual’s name, date of birth, photograph, and unique identification number.

National id cards are important things for all kinds of people of bangladesh. National Identity card- NID online copy download through online.

But, for the download, you need 2024 registration with face verification and other detailed information including being able to download it. follow to under instruction:-


  1. Registration Koren (Hyperlink Click Now).
  1. National Id Card Number or Form Number Input
  2. Next, Date of Birth
  3. Right Capture input the right field.
  1. Next Level: verify of your location
  2. Selected (Present Location) Where you have a voter.
  3. Division + District + Upazila
  4. Then Permanent Address
  5. Division + District + Upazila
  1. Enter your Mobile Number
  2. Otp send to the authority register mobile number, so, input here.
  1. Scan Barcode which finds out Play store “NID Wallet ”.
  1. Scan to automatically redirect the new window, skip or set password.
  2. click to download the nid automatically download PDF.

Download Link

NID Online Copy Download

Each person downloads the national identity card- NID card collected from Bangladesh Election Commission- But, whoever gets the smart id card or old national id card, they can’t get this nid card.

People who have applied to become a new voter and are receiving messages on their mobiles to collect voter ID. They can get their national identity online very easily from the Bangladesh election commission official site.

Without hassle download the digital id card, at this we are including national id cards which follow to easily download the id card download.

NID Online Copy Download Mobile

Each person needs a national identity card for the various tasks. The nid, also known as the NID card, is a mandatory document for all citizens of Bangladesh.

Whatever, national id cards are used for various purposes such as- job, passport, voting and government service and also many ways are used for national identity cards.

The NID card is also linked to the voter list, and all citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to vote in national elections. The card serves as a voter ID and is necessary for casting a vote.

Voter ID Card Check through SMS

National identification copy download through online service. Two alternative ways you can verify the voter id card such as- Online and SMS method. Government official page visit to know-

According to the nirbachon commission, sending message rules follow to get nid card service. Follow to below instruction follow you can to know message procedure:- 

  • NID<SPACE><Token/Form Number><SPACE><dd-mm-yyyy> and send it to 105.
  • NID 1454644 01-12-2000 send it 105

How to Reissue Application

Lost your national id card or damage when you can nid card reissue application from portal site. The process for reissuing a national ID card, also known as a national identity card or NID, can vary depending on the country and the specific circumstances. However, in general, the following steps may apply:

  • Gather required documents: you may need to provide certain documents to support your application, such as proof of identity or residency, a police report if your card was lost or stolen.
  • Visit the NID Online registration: go to the election commission website to submit your application and documents.
  • Pay the fees: There may be a fee associated with reissuing an NID. Make sure you know how much the fee is and how to pay it.
  • Wait for processing: Once you have submitted your application and documents, it may take some time for the reissued NID to be processed and issued. The processing time can vary depending on the country and the demand for NID reissuance.

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