Birth Certificate Check Online Bangladesh-

Birth Certificate Verification: Birth and Death can be Verification from online system official site- For the birth verify you need 17 digit birth certification no with date of birth enter jonmo nibondhon online check.

Nowadays we need birth registration for various activities. But this birth registration is invalid if it is not online. So, you can easily verify online from your home.

Whether birth registration is online is an important issue. Because currently online birth registration is effective in all cases. Birth certificate verifying process is very simple. We explain this method in this post.

Birth Certificate Verification

The government has undertaken the digital birth registration program to make Bangladesh digital. At present no activity can be conducted without online birth registration. Its role is immense for passports, new voters and jobs.

Most people don’t know about the birth certificate online checking process. So, I went to the union council, municipality or online service center. It is for all who suffer.

Today, we will help such people. From the home using their own mobile phone, computer and other electrical devices with internet connection, they can verify jonmo nibondho online.

Jonmo Nibondhon Check

A birth certificate is a legal proof document for the people. But, the previous birth certificate can’t find an online database system.

So, The authority Office of the Registrar General, Birth and Death Registration invited all people’s birth certificates online. It is a very simple process.

Visit the official link with input your information and contact the birth registrar office, you can collect an online birth certificate.

However, you can easily check your jonmo nibondhon online. are collecting bangladesh all citizen people birth certificate data.

How To Birth Certificate Check Online Bangladesh

The government has undertaken various activities to digitize Bangladesh. One of these is online birth registration. Earlier birth registrations were handwritten. Therefore, the aim of digitizing the birth registration is to complete this program in the government union and municipality.

However, you should also know if your birth registration is online. So this post of ours will definitely be useful for them, they will easily know how to check birth registration.

Birth Certificate Check
  • First at all, address bar enter jonmo nibondhon official link-
  • Few seconds later, you can look in the new window and enter some required information (birth certificate no: 17 digit and date of birth).
  • Then, enter the right answer.
  • Finally, click the “Search” option.
  • Now, your screen shows a birth certificate verification copy (if have online database system).

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