BD SSC Result 2024: All Education Boards Result Link

SSC Result 2024: The SSC Result is the outcome of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations taken by students in Bangladesh.

The overall Grade Point Average (GPA) reflects a student’s performance across all subjects to know from the education board result website visiting.

Whatever, all the students are looking for the ssc exam result? The education board’s results publication date is announced on their official page. All the students view the result today.

But, Many people are very confused about the result of the procedure. Thye can right ways some to step follow, download the result online portal.

Who students may not have achieved their desired result. The SSC Result viewing process becomes an opportunity for growth and improvement. It is a board challenge application.

SSC Result 2024 Link

Secondary school certificate- SSC Exam Result Download Link are important for the students. The education board provides this result. link is a very popular and old website bangladesh education board.

Absolutely, you can trust it. Unique roll and registration information typing to view the result through online. Many boards of the ssc level of the examiner. All education boards don’t upload their official page.

So, you can download the “bangladesh education board 2023” exam result in a single website using. Additionally, the education platform link is open to download the result.

SSC Result 2024 with Roll Number

The Result Download is the process of accessing the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination results online. The students received the result individually by visiting the official website of their respective education board.

The SSC Result Download is a quick and user-friendly method that enables students to celebrate their academic achievements and plan for their future educational endeavors.

Online medium provides a hassle-free way for students to get their exam results without the need for physical visit or paperwork. Students can access their results from their homes through the education board platform. This convenient method saves time.

How to Know the SSC Result?

Some of the tips following the students download the result through an online portal. Because of this very problem faced by the students. In this post, easy and quickly ways download download explain below;-

To know Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination results online. By visiting the official website of their own education board and checking the result section with their unique SSC roll number and registration number. students can instantly view their individual result displays overall GPA achieved in the examinations.

Education Board Result

Secondary school certificate hard working academic journey. Various examinations conducted by different education boards in Bangladesh.

By visiting the Education Board Result, students can view their individual results using academic information entered. is a government official site where all board of examination results are released such as- General, Dakhil and SSC Vocational level.

  1. link open.
  2. Select “SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent)” selected from the drop menu.
  3. Select “2023”.
  4. Your Education Board Name (e;g- Dhaka).
  5. Unique roll number with registration number next step.
  6. Answer written in the box.
  7. “submit” click to know the result

BD SSC Result 2024 by SMS

Easy and quick method for checking the ssc exam Result 2024. Directly go to mobile phones with text messages. Follow the below format.

  • create a new message.
  • Type “SSC” Then a space.
  • Roll and Board: SSC roll number and add a space, then own board’s short name (e.g., “DHA” for Dhaka Board).
  • Send SMS: Send the message- 16222 Number.
  • After sending the SMS, students will receive an automated response containing their SSC Result.
Education BoardShort Code
Dhaka BoardDHA
Chittagong BoardCHI
Rajshahi BoardRAJ
Comilla BoardCOM
Jessore BoardJES
Barisal BoardBAR
Sylhet BoardSYL
Dinajpur BoardDIN
Madrasah Education BoardMAD
Technical Education BoardTEC

2023 SSC Result Live TV

Families and friends can gather around the TV to celebrate the achievements of the students and share in their joy on this special occasion.

The live broadcast also allows educational experts and analysts to provide insights into the overall performance of students and the education system.

You can view the TV show at 10:00 PM and various channels to know the result. The results were published on 28 July 2023.

Conclusion: in this page we explain secondary school certificate- ssc result checking method. If you face any problem with the result related then below comment box send to your question.

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